An Expert Guide To Caring For Your Car’s Bodywork

An Expert Guide To Caring For Your Car’s Bodywork
An Expert Guide To Caring For Your Car’s Bodywork

The thing about your car’s bodywork is that it is not immune to damage. Other people, the weather and even the environment around us can all contribute to a plethora of bodywork issues.


For a lot of car owners, making sure their vehicle’s bodywork is immaculate is near impossible! But did you know that there are plenty of steps you can take to lower the amount of damage done to them?


Today, you will learn of a few common ways to help care for and protect your car’s bodywork. Here is what you need to know!


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Wash your car every week


Washing your car isn’t a task that leaves many owners excited to carry out! You might be thinking that washing your car each week is somewhat excessive. But it’s a great idea! Here are a few reasons why:


  • Shorter cleaning time. Because you wash your car so often, it won’t take so long to clean it every weekend;
  • Problem identification. Have you noticed some tar spots or maybe a bit of bubbling underneath the paintwork? If so, you can fix those problems fast without paying a fortune to do so;
  • Showroom shine. Your car will always look like it was just driven out of a car dealer’s showroom;
  • Value. The used car value for your pride and joy will remain high because you have taken good care of it.


Use clay bars, polish and wax


As part of your weekly car cleaning ritual, you should use polish, clay bars and wax when necessary. Clay bars remove any imperfections from the bodywork, such as dirt and dust particles.


The polish ensures that your paintwork is as vibrant as it was when new. And the wax protects the bodywork from the elements!


Keep your car in the garage


Does your home have a garage big enough to house your car? If so, you should make sure that you keep your car in it when you’re not driving!


The garage will help you to protect your car from the elements. Even from flying debris that can scratch or dent your car’s bodywork.


Choose the best parking spaces


If you’re going to a public place, such as an office block or shopping mall, you tend to find a space as close to your destination as possible.


The trouble with that approach is that your car is more likely to get damaged by other vehicles! Frank from says you should park near the exit of the car park or parking garage.


Not only are folks less likely to park next to you, but you can get out quicker if there is a queue of cars that want to leave!

Fold your door mirrors in


Today’s final tip is to fold your door mirrors in. If you park in a narrow street, and your mirrors are sticking out, there is a high chance someone will drive or walk too close to your car. The result? Some expensive damage your mirrors!


Some cars have electric-folding mirrors, whereas others need folding in by hand.